Reading group notes: e-voting

Derek Bruff’s blog provides lots of information on this topic.

Research-based practices for effective clicker use  (Roger) – Large study from 2007  (approx 4000 students) at large research uni in US. Clickers mostly used in STEM subjects. Key points: 1. Staff improve over time at using clickers effectively. 2. Conceptual questions are most popular with students, and they find these most useful when used to stimulate peer discussion in active sessions (as opposed to factual recall type questions)

Transforming student learning with classroom communication systems, Ian Beatty, 2004 (Suzi) – Description of the teaching method they have developed for leaching Physics to large groups. Lots of practical advice.

Clickers in the Large Classroom: Current Research and Best-Practice Tips, Jane E Cladwell, 2007 (Suzi) – Literature review containing advide we may want to summarise and make available on the website.

Improved Learning in a Large-Enrollment Physics Class (Nic), Louis Deslauriers, et al. (2011) Science 332, 862 (2011). A useful paper that presents robust evidence of significant educational benefits of remodelling large lecture teaching to incorporate a range of clicker techniques. The research methodology is interesting, if not slightly controversial, and there are useful citations to other studies as mentioned in bullets above.

Possible future reading: