Reading group notes: grand research challenges in TEL

We looked at the Grand research challenges for TEL from Stallarnet and at some of the background papers and IoE TEL programme themes.

Socio-Technical Change: Computing, Bioscience, Maths by Dave Cliff – very accessible article looking at the next 20-50 years in technology, touching on: climate and energy issues; the importance of highly-mathematically-literate researchers; likely increases in computing power / reductions in cost of computing; disruptive technologies every 10 years (cloud computing -> ubiquitous and pervasive computing -> quantum computing); recording life / external personal memories; 3d printing …. and much more (I only read about half the paper) -Suzi

Open Educational Practices and Resources – OLCOS Roadmap 2012  –  overview of OER developments (written in 2007) and recommendations for policy makers, institutions, teachers and students on how to address OER-related challenges.  Emphasis on need for change in teaching practice from teacher-centred to more active participative student-centred approach to help learners develop digital competencies in order to succeed in a knowledge-based society – Roger

Other things that came up: