Pervasive Media Studios

The studios are a collaboration between the Universities of Bristol and West of England managed by the Watershed. Walking in to the studio in the loft space of the Watershed you are instantly struck by what an amazing space they occupy. The studio is a community centred around technology consisting of artists, academics, creative companies and technologists.

Working in the studio comes with an ethos and I think this is the one that should be taken on much more widely (and having a making corner!). Everyone working there is interuptable (professionally speaking) to help and answer questions from the community and in return you can ask the questions you have in mind. This simple measure changes an environment which could be very introspective in to one that encourages inquisitive creative learning.

Each Friday afternoon as an extension to the lunch time talks the studio is ‘open’ to visitors to come and chat and share ideas and experiences. The afternoon starts with a short tour of the studio which involves lots of interruptions of the people working there at the time. From Dancing cranes to neurogastronomy experiences an hour felt like we had only scratched the surface of the work being undertaken there.

The most interesting project for me was an app which allows users to synchronise filming from a number of mobile phones using one phone to rule them all. This app has been used on a project funded by the Arts Council and led by the University of Lincoln to mark the anniversary of the Magna Carter called Time for Rights.