Things we’ve been reading about

Consistency in TEL, promoting academic integrity, and support for maths-phobic parents: just some of the things the TEL team have been reading about over the last couple of weeks.

  • Following a recent team discussion around the relevance of invisible systems to improving consistency in TEL, this blog post on the importance of ‘invisible technology’ over complicated user interfaces is both interesting and highly relevant to the convenience element of the TEL Strategy. (Pete)
  • An interesting insight into the debate on formative use of Turnitin, from the other side of the fence: the perspectives of an e-learning technologist-turned-PGCE student on submitting work to Turnitin.  Part of ongoing research into the potential for formative use of Turnitin at UoB, to help students understand plagiarism and develop practices which strengthen academic integrity. (Roger)
  • With maths-phobia a much-talked-about issue, I was interested to read this article on a worksheet for maths-phobic parents – helping parents who find maths daunting to get their children talking about mathematical concepts from an early age. (Suzi)
  • With much attention currently focused on supporting student transitions into HE, I was interested to find this blog post by a postgraduate student offering advice to students on academic writing. It illustrates the pressure on students to produce high quality academic writing; and I think also implicitly supports the case for more formal teaching of study skills as part of a positive and ‘holistic’ approach to promoting academic integrity. (Jilly)